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The end of year and Christmas season is well and truly underway now and bands in Sydney are getting busy. MiSa Jazz is no exception, with six bookings for late November and December. That’s busy for us, seeing as we aren’t a covers band – they can be even busier.

In any case, we aren’t booked out yet and still have space in our calendar for more gigs. A lot of the playing we are doing this Christmas, like many bands, is private functions. Adding live music with a real jazz band or duo adds class and sophistication to an event. Live music also creates a unique “vibe” that a DJ or soloist with backing tracks can’t provide. Other benefits include making for a more comfortable social environment – giving your guests something to listen to and an easy way of filling in lulls in conversation that might otherwise be awkward. Jazz adds a special ambience, if used as “background” or listening music. Instrumental jazz is less intrusive for your guests than songs with vocals or pop/rock songs. It doesn’t have to be “way out” or “experimental”, even though we love to do that too, on request. Usually it is relaxed and subtle or, for dancers, upbeat and fun.

Live bands, like MiSa jazz quite often work with DJs at functions, typically alternating sets. That means we play for about 45 minutes then the DJ plays during our break. Early in the evening we’ll usually play more relaxed music to create a comfortable, sophisticated ambience while guests chat or eat. Later on, when people are ready to dance and party a bit harder, we’ll turn up the vibe and play much more energetic, dancy music.

Many jazz bands or musicians don’t like to play functions. They are only interested in playing music for listening at sit down concerts in clubs and theatres. That is a really satisfying way to make music, and definitely makes artistic expression easier because in a concert you don’t need to consider the needs of the function or the clients in the same way. However, MiSa jazz love to play functions too. Of course we appreciate the work, but it is also nice to connect with people in a happy, fun environment and entertain.

MiSa Jazz is available for private bookings. We can play indoors, outside, day or night. We can even set up and play in places with no access to power, such as a park, beach, on a smaller boat, your off-grid cabin, or wherever. Get in touch to get a quote or make a booking, we’d love to hear from you!

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