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MiSa Jazz Sydney
89 Chandos St
St Leonards, NSW 2065

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The fee varies depending on things like the number of musicians required, how long they are required to be on site, and distance travelled. For a quote, please fill in these details, along with special requests or other details that will help us give a price. We’ll get back to you quickly with a price. We don’t charge extra for setup/break down so long as it is within 60 minutes of the start and end of the performance

To confirm your booking in our calendar you will need to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit (invoice on request).

We can play a wide range of diverse styles for listening or dancing. MiSaJazz can play popular jazz, soul, and funk music, plus jazz-flavoured mature pop classics. We also specialise in 1920s-1930’s style swing, creative improvised/contemporary and ambient, and swing dance music. Let us know what you prefer or need, and we can tailor a program accordingly.

Yes. All the members of MiSaJazz are experienced professional performers. Once you’ve booked us and covered the deposit, you can relax and be confident that the music is taken care of. We will dress to match the formality of your event, or as you request. We can also wear special costumes on request.

The core of MiSaJazz is the guitar duo of Michelle Shih & Saul Richardson. However, we can easily (and often) add other musicians. We can offer you any size group from duo to 18-piece big band. Popular options include the duo, trio with guitars plus sax, vocals, or double bass, and 4 to 6 piece jazz band.

You can book us for 1 to 7 hours. Typically we will play for 45 minutes per hour with a 15-minute break. For very long engagements the musicians will need a longer meal break too. For lunchtime and evening functions over 2 hours you will need to provide basic meals for the band and water/soft drinks should be available at all times.

The duo and trios only need about 2×2 metres. The quartet with drums needs about 4×3 meters, though we can be creative. For larger groups, about 1.5 sqm/player plus 5sqm for the drums, etc.

We normally need access to 2x ordinary 240v power points within 3m of the stage. On request we can perform on battery power – outdoors, for example.

We can provide our own sound system for events up to about 200 guests. More than that and you will need to arrange that (the venue should be able to help). We bring basic stage lighting, but just enough to see us, nothing fancy.

We also need parking for each member of the band up to a maximum of 5 spots.