MiSa Jazz guitar duo on stage at RNSH Music Festival in 2022

Busy December for MiSa Jazz

It was a busy December for MiSa Jazz in 2022. There were many gigs, but highlights included two rather different functions and a duo set at a music festival.

Christmas Ball

December 10 we were excited to present a full 6-piece band including vocals to play for a very elegant Christmas ball. The client wanted music mostly for dancing, and that’s what they got!

We started the night with more laid-back numbers, but quickly upped the energy as guests were keen to get dancing. A bunch of them had even been taking swing dance classes as preparation so we were treated to some wonderful dancing.

Fundraiser with singers

Another function gig in December 2022 again saw MiSa Jazz playing as a whole band. This time we were hired as a backing band for three singers at a beautiful charity fundraiser in the Sydney CBD. Our line-up for this show included Michelle on guitar, Saul on bass, with drums, piano, and tenor saxophone.

The singers were terrific. They sang a mix of jazz standards, big band vocal hits, and soul ballads. There were even some Christmas songs too.

This was a fun gig with a very fashionable and beautiful audience!

Duo at Music Festival

A third highlight for us in MiSa Jazz Sydney this December was the chance to perform as a guitar duo at a music festival. The RNSH Music Festival is an annual event at Royal North Shore Hospital. Every Christmas they present a diverse program to entertain staff and patients.

We played a 1-hour set featuring many of our own originals, some jazz standards, and some ambient improvised soundscapes. The towering lobby area that hosts the festival stage is an ideal space for atmospheric, drumless music. We loved being able to work the natural reverb of the space into our playing. There are some videos on our YouTube channel of the MiSa Jazz guitar duo playing the RNSH Festival.

2022 has been a very good year for us in MiSa Jazz: Duo gigs, trio gigs, full band shows, dances, singers, a residency at Derby House, and much more. We thank all our supporters, friends, and wonderful clients. We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to playing for you in 2023.

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